Toy Design

Took over this project got it costed and approved by licensor. Updated expressions to reflect marketing teams needs. Selected characters based on cost and popularity.

Got Cyborg’s vehicle to hit cost. Combined tower carrying case with play set features to extend play. Got Tiny Tooters on cost and in line with licensor expectations.

Ideated and pitched higher priced electronic item at Marketing’s request. Came in at cost with all features intact.

Vehicle design for the JLA animated show. Classic play features and vehicle play.

Designed deluxe versions of the standard low cost 12 inch line. Use existing sculpts to keep cost in line and added interchangeable pieces to extended play value.

Vehicle design with a more kid friendly feature that was more in line with the brand and the animated series. Worked with HK team to come up with workable and cost effective feature.

Got these 12 inch figures back into cost and worked with an inventor feature submission to create a toy that fit into the brand as well as worked in multiple play functions. Roleplay, weapon for 12 inch. Vehicle for 2.5 inch figures.

I was tasked with designing an exclusive Batcave for Walmart. Playset incorporated storytelling, play value and on brand visuals. Huge footprint and value for the price.

Alternate Wonder Woman designs for exclusive JLA movie figure.

Concept pitch for high end role-play item for Deadshot, Suicide Squad movie.

This section describes my step by step process I used during my time on the Max Steel Global relaunch. I primarily worked on the Latin America 12 inch line.

Step One: I used reference for the main bad guy from the TV show Makino. His power involved absorbing weapons and transforming them into weapons he could extend from his body. I came up with a unique mechanism structure to give them impression of transformation.

Step Two: I created a bread board model and used it to illustrate to our HK team the type of transformation I was looking for. Notes and drawings to the team.

Step Three: The final product really embodied the original vision and hit the cost set for it.

Another bad guy from the show was Dredd. He fired energy from his chest. I wanted to recreated this power as a feature in the toy.

I found an existing mechanism and combined with the design style of the character to create a new feature. You could take the mechanism and insert it in his back and as it was pushed through it triggered and fired multiple energy projectiles as his chest opened.

The final product came in on cost and the feature worked perfectly. It worked as a feature, a weapon for the figure or a role play item for the kid!

Deco/control drawing for Marvel "Authentics".

Figure Designs and early game development.